People often ask me if they can do the program without the supplements. The answer is…no.   Some people have an affiliation with a specific company and would like to use their product. However, these supplements must be of a high quality without the addition of fillers.

The supplement industry is not regulated in any way. Therefore, companies that do not have the consumer’s health in their best interest, will find ways to cut corners on quality. In fact, supplements are only required to be 50% of what they say they are and there are no guidelines that say it has to be of a certain quality. Therefore, most of the supplements you purchase at a drug store or department store are oftentimes filled with substandard/poor quality nutrients and toxic fillers.

Be particularly on the lookout for Silicon Dioxide (fiberglass/sand) and Di-potassium phosphate (fertilizer). The majority of time someone enters our program, they need help to get their body healthy. The dietary changes we give them, along with the supplementation, are used to “break the body down” and “build it back up” simultaneously. More often than not, the supplement protocol is necessary to repair decades of damage to the body.

So, yes, supplements are necessary. But, they need to be high quality, whole food supplements. If you have supplements you would like to use and have questions on whether or not they meet the whole food standard, I am more than happy to take a look and discuss them with you. If you do not have a supplement company that you are familiar with, I highly recommend that you purchase the Solutions 4 products from